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November Calendar and new Screens

November 06, 2007

Thanks to Ajemuro, we have the Novermber Calendar Wallpapers. They can also be found on the calendar page.

November Calendar(Small)
November Calendar(Medium)
November Calendar(Large)

I have also uploaded the screens which were reported about a week ago.

Final Fantasy XIII Screens
Final Fantasy Versus XIII Screens
Misc Images

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FXN Final Fantasy XIII Podcast: Episode 1

November 05, 2007

We promised it, and here we are presenting it, the very first FXN Final Fantasy XIII Podcast! FF-XIII.net (FXN) hopes you'll listen and enjoy the show and we encourage everyone to post your feedback and comments on the show. Things you liked, things you didn't, things you would like to see, go ahead, tell us!

FXN Final Fantasy XIII Podcast: Episode 1
(Click on the link or right click and save it to you computer)

The podcast series is also available on iTunes right now. We encourage everyone to subscribe to the podcast on iTunes (it's free and you don't need a credit card).

Click here to automatically open iTunes to the FXN Final Fantasy XIII Podcast page.

The podcast also extensively interacts with our forums too, so join our forums and get involved in the show and the community! Click here to register for the FF-XIII.net Forums. For more on our podcast series, visit the Podcast Page.

Podcast music "Too Much Fighting (Fanfare)" is by Another Soundscape from OCRemix.org new album, Final Fantasy VII: Voices of the Lifestream album. To download the free song, visit this page, and go to track number 6.

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Three New Final Fantasy Versus XIII Screens

October 30, 2007

Gamespy has posted three new Final Fantasy Versus XIII screens. The images aren't new and have been scene in previous magazine scans, here and here. At least now they are screens, so you photoshoppaholics can play around with some new Final Fantasy Versus XIII images.

Click here to register on our forum.

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Introducing The FF-XIII.net Podcast!

October 26, 2007

FXN (FF-XIII.net) is happy to announce that we're currently in development of our very own free Final Fantasy XIII Podcast series! A staggering 85% of the votes in last months poll were in favour of FXN creating it's own free podcast series and since we put up that poll we've been hard at work in preparation.

We've created a FXN Podcast Promo which you can listen to right now.

FXN Podcast Promo

As stated in the Promo, our first podcast will debut on Monday, November 5th. The podcast is also be available on iTunes for free, you can subscribe to the podcast series as of now.

Click here to subscribe to The FXN Podcast Series on iTunes

You can also subscribe to the Podcast RSS Feed.

Click here for the Podcast RSS Feed

The podcast will be covering everything Final Fantasy XIII Fabula Nova Crystallis and interact with our forums extensively among other things mentioned in the promo. The voices of the podcast are Jammers, David (Finalfantasykid) and myself, Kyle (Kyll).

Once again, we're happy to hear any suggestions in the our comments section, via email, or on the forums. We also encourage everyone interested in the podcast to join our forums and get involved! Click here to sign up for the FF-XIII.net Forums.

Background music "Chasing the Storm" is from OCRemix by remixer Rellik.

UPDATE: The Podcast is now available on iTunes and this post has been adjusted accordingly.

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Enhanced MP3s from FFXIII and Versus Trailers

October 14, 2007

FF-XIII.net now has the MP3s from both the Final Fantasy XIII trailer and Final Fantasy Versus XIII trailer for download for anyone wanting to listen to the music.

I ripped the audio from the trailers and cleaned up and enhanced them so that they sound much better than the original audio from the trailers. The sound effects have also been reduced in volume due to them being louder than the music, so they aren't a distraction when listening now.

Click on the following links to here the music, or right click on the link and save them to your computer.

FFXIII Trailer Music MP3
FF Versus XIII Trailer Music MP3

You can also find the MP3s in the Media-Misc section in the left Site Menu column. Simply right click and save the files to your computer there as well. We will be putting all future Final Fantasy XIII music (in MP3 format) in this section for download.

FF-XIII.net will continue to provide as much Final Fantasy XIII media as possible as it becomes available. Click here to register on our forum.

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FFXIII available for Pre-order on Amazon

October 06, 2007

Final Fantasy XIII is now available for pre-order on Amazon.com for $59.99 USD and is listed for release on November 30th 2008. If you'd like to be one of the first people on the pre-order list for FFXIII on Amazon.com, now is your chance. Whether the given release date is at all accurate is up for discussion, but is very well know retail websites tend to make up their own dates sometimes, especially when the product is so far from release. Here's hoping they're right.

As a reminder, we encourage all our visitors to try out the FF-XIII.net forums. The forums are the best place to talk about and discuss everything Final Fantasy XIII, Agito, Versus, and the other rumored titles as well as Final Fantasy in general. The forums are now a year and a half old and a great success so far. Sign up is free, simple and worth the effort. To find the forums, click here, or click "Forums" in the top banner, or click "Forum Discussion" in this post. Once inside, register your username and start having fun!

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Several New Wallpapers

September 26, 2007

I have created several new wallpapers using the recent images from TGS. There are three new Agito wallpapers, three new Versus wallpapers and two new FF XIII wallpapers. You can see them all on the wallpapers sections.

Final Fantasy XIII Wallpapers
Final Fantasy Versus XIII Wallpapers
Final Fantasy Agito XIII Wallpapers

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FFXIII up and running and December EGM Preview

September 24, 2007

The November issue of Electronic Gaming Monthly (EGM) reports that although info on Final Fantasy XIII is tight and hard to squeeze out of Square Enix, one tidbit has popped out, Final Fantasy XIII is up and running on Playstation 3 hardware as of now (see scan 1). Whether FFXIII has just gotten up and running on PS3 hardware recently or if it's been up and running and this info has only just made it to EGM is unclear. If it's the case that FFXIII has just gotten on PS3 hardware recently, the prospect of seeing it inside 2008 seem slimmer than ever, especially in english.

Also, on the last page of the November EGM issue (see scan 2) it's revealed that FFXIII is on the top of the list for previews to be featured in next months issue. Look for scans of that very preview a month from today here on FF-XIII.net.

--Scans removed as per request by Ziff Davis Media Inc.--

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5 Second Versus Video Clip

September 20, 2007

While it is only about 5 seconds in length, most of it is new footage. Maybe since IGN was allowed to release this short clip, a longer one might be in the works?

EDIT: A Final Fantasy XIII clip is now up as well.

Versus Clip

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Final Fantasy Melody XIII?

September 15, 2007

According to a Korean site, Square Enix is planning to announce a new title in the Fabulla Nova Crystallis universe. The site claims that Final Fantasy Melody will be announced for the Playstation 3 at TGS 2007.

This information has yet to be confirmed by Square Enix and is currently a rumor.

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