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FFXIII-2 "Time Travel" Gameplay Video

January 18, 2012

Square Enix Member EU have uploaded a new video of the Time Travelling gameplay featured in Final Fantasy XIII-2. FFXIII-2 is due for release on 31st January in North America, and 3rd February in Europe.

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Kingdom Hearts 3D Scans

January 18, 2012

Some new Kingdom Hearts 3D scans that came out of the latest issue of Famitsu Magazine. Check them out below:

KH3D Scan 1
KH3D Scan 2
KH3D Scan 3
KH3D Scan 4
KH3D Scan 5
KH3D Scan 6
KH3D Scan 7
KH3D Scan 8
KH3D Scan 9
KH3D Scan 10
KH3D Scan 11
KH3D Scan 12
KH3D Scan 13
KH3D Scan 14
KH3D Scan 15
KH3D Scan 16
KH3D Scan 17
KH3D Scan 18
KH3D Scan 19
KH3D Scan 20

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Final Fantasy XIII-2 Sells 14,407 Copies in Week 5

January 18, 2012
Squirrel Emperor

Media Create figures for week 2 (1/9 - 1/15) have finally come out and Final Fantasy XIII-2 has sold 14,407 copies in its fifth week. The game has now sold 753,968 copies in Japan so far.

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Final Fantasy Versus XIII in Famitsu this Week

January 17, 2012
Squirrel Emperor

This may shock some people but Famitsu has an interview with Tetsuya Nomura this week. The shocking part? Final Fantasy Versus XIII.

Before we get to Final Fantasy Versus XIII... Nomura confirmed that the 1st Production Department is working on Final Fantasy X HD.

As for Versus... Nomura says that the game has improved a lot since last year's trailer, which was shown at the 1st Production Department Premiere Event. The graphics have been taken up a notch.

He also tells us that Versus XIII will have a mix of real time and pre-rendered cutscenes as well. The ratio is said to be 7:3, to which the later being CG FMV created by Visual Works. The pre-rendered scenes won't get in the way of the gameplay itself, which is why the scene between Noctis and Stella has been switched to a pre-rendered scene.

As for when we will see the title next? Nomura says that while an event has not yet been scheduled(details are still being worked out here), the next time we see the game, it will be running on an actual PS3.

If you are behind on Final Fantasy Versus XIII info, know nothing about the game or have completely forgotten everything about it. Please visit our Everything We Know About Final Fantasy Versus XIII Thread, which covers everything from 2006 to present. :)

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Next Famitsu Magazine Issue Features KH3D and Tetsuya Nomura Interview

January 17, 2012

The next issue of Famitsu Magazine will feature information on a new world(probably Fantasia) from the game as well as a interview from Tetsuya Nomura himself. The game is supposed to be coming out sometime in March in Japan so here's hoping that we get an official release date. This would seem like the appropriate time to announce it but you never know, don't get your hopes up and don't expect too much. The issue will hit store shelves in Japan on Jan. 19, 2012.

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