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New Final Fantasy XIII Footage

December 13, 2009

New footage from FFXIII has surfaced from the scheduled Japanese TV appearances. Said footage includes Sazh summoning Brunhildr for the first time and a brief look at the following boss battle.

Edit: New video added showing Yaag commanding his troops.

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Another FFXIII Commercial

December 12, 2009
Blu Ray Disc

With just six more days until FFXIII releases in Japan, looks like Square Enix is on a roll with another commercial, which is an extension of the earlier 15 second commercial.

Check it out in HD on youtube.

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Closer look at the FFXIII PS3

December 12, 2009
Blu Ray Disc

Due out in Japan on Dec. 17, detailed pictures have surfaced of the limited edition 250GB PS3 featuring a White and Pink Lightning theme on its surface. Although, this bundle has been announced before, these are more detailed shots.


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Final Fantasy XIII OST

December 11, 2009

Square Enix has just announced the Official Sound Track for Final Fantasy XIII. The standard OST will contain 4 music CDs and will cost 3990 Yen. There will also be a limited edition which contains 5 CDs, with the 5th CD titled simply “Episode Zero – Promise Story" and will cost 5250 Yen.


There are several sample tracks available on Square Enix's website for the OST, most of which are new songs to the public.

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FF XIII Trophy Support and Battle Restart

December 09, 2009

Continuing the onslaught of news leading up to the release of Final Fantasy XIII in about a week, there has been some new information regarding how Final Fantasy XIII will be handling PS3 trophies.

Like most games, most the bronze trophies will be attainable simply by playing through the main story line, and the silver and gold trophies will be much more difficult. However, one of the gold trophies will apparently unlock a Final Fantasy XIII XMB theme for the PS3. It is not yet known if this feature will carry over to the 360 version of the game.

Another battle feature was revealed as well, and that is the battle restart. This feature will allow the player to reset the battle at will. Though it was not explicitly stated, there will most likely be some sort of cost associated with this feature, for example it might cost a certain amount of gil, or experience to use it, otherwise the player could abuse it and never die, though that is purely my speculation.

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First Final Fantasy XIII Review (Famitsu)

December 08, 2009

The first review for Final Fantasy XIII has been leaked. Famitsu has given the game a 39/40 (10 / 10 / 9 / 10).

For comparison's sake, here are some of Famitsu's reviews for previous Final Fantasy Titles.

Final Fantasy I - 35
Final Fantasy II - 35
Final Fantasy III - 36
Final Fantasy Ⅳ - 36
Final Fantasy V - 34
Final Fantasy VI - 37
Final Fantasy VII - 38
Final Fantasy VIII - 37
Final Fantasy IX - 38
Final Fantasy X - 39
Final Fantasy XI - 38
Final Fantasy XII- 40
Final Fantasy XIII - 39

The general trend seems to be increasing, though this could be related to different judges and their expectations changing over the years. For example, IGN has only ever given out 3 perfect 10/10 scores before, two of which come from this current generation(MGS4 and GTA IV), the only other game was LOZ: OoT, which was two generations ago. That is all relative though.

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Final Fantasy XIII Screens Featuring Cid Raines

December 07, 2009

Square Enix has released 16 new screen shots of Final Fantasy XIII, with most of the screen shots featuring Cid Raines, and Vanille's new summon Hecatonchires.

Also I put the Famitsu screen shots up, which appeared a while ago.

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Final Fantasy Union: Episode 30

December 07, 2009

With the show newly renamed to "Final Fantasy Union" (formerly The FXN Final Fantasy Podcast) Kyle, David and Darryl ring in the last episode before Final Fantasy XIII's Japanese release. The crew cover news of FFXIII's box art, Cid Raines, game mechanics, game length, and much more.

The Final Fantasy Union podcast is now part of the Final Fantasy & Kingdom Hearts Union podcast series. Full details are covered in this week's episode.

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Podcast music "Behind Enemy Lines" is by Nutritious from the OverClocked ReMix.

Don't forget to catch the crew on Twitter at Twitter.com/FFUnion.

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Final Fantasy XIII Chinese Famitsu Scans

December 06, 2009

Some Chinese Famitsu Scans have been uploaded, and their primary focus for this issue is Vanille's new summon, Hecatonchires. Here is a quote from a Q&A with Motomu Toriyama regarding the summon.

Q. What is the design and concept for Hecatonchires?

A: The summon’s concept is a “Shooting Blaster.” Because it can shoot and strike
from long distances in Driving Mode, the enemies’ position influences the
effectiveness of attacks, and it can shoot many times at once.

Q. The fact that it turns into something like Magitek Armor (from Final Fantasy
6) is a surprise.

A. As a matter of fact, we weren’t trying to make it look like Magitek Armor
in the beginning. We wanted a bipedal vehicle included, a design we called
a “Power Suit Tank,” but in the end, the result really does look like Magitek
Armor. (laughs)

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Final Fantasy XIII Box Art

December 01, 2009

Square Enix has revealed the Box Art for North America.

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