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  • The third game is titled, Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII.
  • The world itself is new, in an area called Navus Partus in a city called Lexerion
  • Lightning is the sole character, so the entire game will revolve around her.
  • The world will end in 13 days until doomsday.
  • Lightning is stronger than human and more like a God. She'll be stronger than the previous two games.
  • This will be Lightning's final battle.
  • There will be plenty of customes customization which affects Lightning's status in battle.
  • Lightning can wield big words.
  • The gamplay is based on a real-time block system, designed to make battles much more active and time-based. If Lightning dies during battle, there'll be a prompt to undo the mistake at the expense of the timer.
  • The player can assign four skills or command and execute them instantly. There's a Kingdom Hearts feel to this game albeit there's still a ATB feel to it and much faster.
  • The "Overclock" ability permits Lightning to slow the flow of combat of enemies besides herself at the expense of time.
  • Time is of the essence in this game!
  • The player can controll her movement freely during battle.
  • There's a day and night cycle.
  • The world of Novus Partus is floating in the Sea of Chaos, this is nothing but abyss beyond the edges of these pools
  • You can also find the shrine of Etro, also the New Cocoon floating majestically in the sky
  • Luxerion is a city of light, for those who worship the sacred god Bhunivelze reside, with a very gothic look
  • The monsters in Luxerion are the result of Chaos
  • The world Novus Partus is composed of four large islands, surrounded by a beautiful blue lagoon. It is a peaceful universe with luscious nature
  • There are only 13 days left until Armageddon, signifies the end of humanity
  • In Lexerion, a group of thieves begin their hunt at dusk, people's lives are depicted in a realistic manner
  • We will accompany Lightning on her journey till the very end
  • How will you spend your last hours of your life is up to you
  • You are free to ponder the philosophical aspects of life as you experience the world as our heroine Lightning, this is the concept of "World Driven"
  • The development progress is 30%.
  • There's no multiple endings.
  • LR:FFXIII is "World Driven". In contrast, XIII is "Story Driven" and XIII-2 is "Player Driven".
  • 1 day in-game = 1-2 hours in real life. There are 13 days before Armageddon There will be ways to increase and decrease the time such as helping people (decrease timer) and defeating enemies (increase timer).
  • People in XIII-2 are still alive.
  • Chaos cause peopel to stop aging.
  • Lightning is more sophisticated in this game.
  • Gamplay with solo Lightning is advantageous in the sense that the player can concentrate more on battles than worrying about a party of characters.
  • Gameplay reflect the pace of action RPG. There are no menu command; rather, the player press a succesion of buttons to execute attacks.

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