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International Trailer

The trailer starts with an intense and emotional cutscene between Snow and Lightning; they are talking about Sarah. Both of them try to stay strong and positive, but Lightning cannot hold back the tear which rolls down her face. The theme of the English Final Fantasy XIII, "My Hands" by Leona Lewis starts playing. The character Cid Raines is then introduced, he is a Brigadier General of the Cocoon fleet.

All the characters summons are shown as they transform to their gestalt modes. Then a scifi battle ensues, involving everybody's eidolons.

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TGS 2009 Trailer

The trailer starts with a highly emotional scene with Snow and Sarah. Sarah lets Snow know that she hasn't told Lightning that she is a L'Cie yet, but Snow changes the subject to their engagement. In the background there is a beautiful fireworks display, and the amazing CG graphics are displayed.

Then some action is shown. More about the battle system is shown, as well as a couple of new summons, and their gestalt modes.

Switching it up again, the trailer goes back into story mode, and large portions of the story are revealed, showing Lightning's intensity and frustration with the situation with Sarah. The new character Fang is also shown near the end of the trailer, she is also a L'Cie.

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E3 2009 Trailer

For almost the first half of the trailer, only CG cutscenes are shown off, and shows some important story aspects are revealed in regards to Fal'Cie and L'Cie, and how society views them. L'Cie are supposed to be the enemy, but the main party are all L'Cie.

Near the end of the trailer, the new up to date battle system is shown off, answering many questions about the ATB bar and how it works in this game. The paradigm system, and eidolons are also briefly shown.

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Playstation Network / Xbox Live Trailer

The trailer begins with Vanille, disguised as a prisoner, saying "The thirteen days after we awoke...were the beginning of the end." The music suddenly goes into high gear, and Lightning invades the enemy prisoner transport and begins to obliterate all soldiers in her path.

After Lightning is done with the enemies on the transport, she meets up with Snow and the rest of Team Nora. They are attempting to defend several residents of Pulse against some enemy soldiers; Lightning could not have come at a better time! Two large monsters come to attack Lightning and Team Nora, the rest of the trailer is mostly reat time gameplay of the battle system.

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DKΣ3713 Trailer

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E3 2008 Trailer

The trailer begins like the last one, except this time with ellagant orchestrated music. Dragons flying between deep canyons on Pulse are ascending towards Cocoon. A large scale battle is about to begin between Pulse and Cocoon. Lightning and Snow battle several robots, soldiers and monsters, with the aid of Shiva and Ifrit.

Later on, Carbuncle and Siren are summoned by Sarah from discs. Carbuncle emerges from one of the discs, and looks at Sarah with a smile whilst Siren plays a most enchanting melody on the harp. The trailer ends with quick glances at Sarah standing on a tall cliff overlooking Pulse, Snow acting cool as he finishes off the enemy, and Lightning as she squares off against a mechanical beast.

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Playstation Premier Trailer

The trailer opens fast, beginning where the last trailer left off, with a large air unit stopping the run away train and at the ready to engage Lighting. Cuts to an enormous air fleet and another to a large winged creature flying are interspersed throughout the opening. Lighting is next on a highway as a large muscular upright sword totting beast reminiscent of a behemoth materializes amidst traffic. They break into battle before stopping a quick stand off.

Lightning is then seen falling from the sky into a group of soldiers as she breaks into an extended version of the in-game battle from the E3 '06 trailer. The trailer cuts to a shot of the summon Shiva, which is oddly a two being motorcycle at the same time. Next Lighting is at a stand off with dozens of soldiers, and then flanked by even more. As Lightning realizes here new ordeal, a rider on the Shiva motorcycle guns down the soldiers to aid Lightning. Whipping around his motorcycle to a stop the rider is revealed to be a tall blond hair man.

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E3 2006 Trailer

The trailer opens with a futuristic train barreling down on suspended rails full of prisoners. As armed guards patrol the train cars the engine busts through a barrier on the rails. Suddenly Lightning is in the train picking off the guards with two guns that don't seem to be her own.

As air units engage the run away train the trailer breaks into in-game battle footage. Battles are fast and very cinematic. We next find Lightning in a jungle walking on a heavily vegetated plateau in the tree tops. The trailer cuts back to the train as a large dragon fly light air unit swoops in to eliminate Lightning. The trailer ends with the unit Lightning in battle ready stances.

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