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Final Fantasy XIII-2 New Adventures Trailer (1080p)

Final Fantasy XIII-2 TGS Promise and Despair Trailers

PS3 1080p Japanese Promise trailer

XB360 1080p Japanese Despair Trailer

Final Fantasy XIII-2: Quest for Lightning Trailer (1080p)

Japanese Version: Click Here

Final Fantasy XIII-2 Quest for Lightning Trailer Screen Caps

Final Fantasy XIII-2 Official E3 2011 Trailer

Fabula Nova Crystallis Conference Debut Trailer

Starting off with the final cut scene from Final Fantasy XIII, this debut trailer shows the game moving to a new direction compared to the original game. Lightning is wearing some armor and a new type of gunblade, and a shield. A new character is shown, and they appear to be battling, showing some similarities to Advent Children with some of the camera shots and the feathers flying about.

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