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Final Fantasy XIII-2 Story

Story Facts

Final Fantasy XIII-2's story takes place a few years after Lightning and others saved Cocoon. Survivors have decided to start over by rebuilding on Gran Pulse. Lightning, realizing that things are not over yet, walks away leaving the others behind. She is nowhere to be found and thought to be dead by many but Serah, her sister, doesn't believe it. When Serah's town is suddenly overrun by monsters, a mysterious man named Noel appears to save her. Together, they both set off to find Lightning.

Final Fantasy XIII-2's story begins in Gran Pulse after the ending of Final Fantasy XIII. The story will feel like it expands out from the After Story that was included in the booklet with Xbox 360's Final Fantasy XIII International. It's a full sequel where you'll learn some of the things that took place in the background scenes of Final Fantasy XIII. The story itself will be more dark and mysterious this time around and will focus on the Goddess Etro. The game begins with Lightning, who has lost her l'Cie abilities. Toriyama jokes that she has perhaps become even a more incredible existence then the l'Cie. The principal setting of FFXIII-2 will be different from that of XIII. Toriyama assured us though that the FFXIII world will be in the game in some form.

Nope! None of This!

XIII-2 won't be like X-2 in that it will be more serious and will have no singing and dancing. The world is in a state where Cocoon had fallen meaning that there is no way for the new story to be totally peaceful meaning that FFXIII-2 will be more darker and serious.

Is Not Satisfied

Even though Lightning was happy to see Serah again at the end of FFXIII, she is apparently not really happy even though the ending suggests that she is. The sacrifice of Vanille and Fang left a wound in the hearts of everyone and so the story will show how Lightning and the other allies were hurt by that.

Pretty Soldier Sailor Lightning

Lightning's sexier look is because they are valuing her refined and noble qualities adding that her clothing has a more fantasy feel to it and her weapons and other items will match it.

Lightning's Rival

Lightning has a new mission this time and as she attempts to fulfill this mission, she'll end up in a confrontation with a mysterious new guy, who has power that is equal to Lightning's.

This is a Seat, not an Altar, and it has a Great Significance

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