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Final Fantasy XIII-2 Locations

New Bodhum

A town constructed on a shore of Gran Pulse by NORA members and former residents of Bodhum surrounded by nature. It seems like the idyllic place to live, on occasion a monster encounter can be expected.

Breshia Ruins

Long ago, Lake Bresha and the surrounding land was crystallized. After the fall of Cocoon, the entire area was destroyed. Now these ruins are a restricted area, filled with remnants of life from a different era. Today, excited researchers and cautious guards swarm the site in hopes of new discoveries

Yaschas Massif

Intimidating mountains tower over the harsh plains and tall vegetation, adding to the ominous atmosphere of this land found in the southern region of Gran Pulse.


In a city drowning in the remnants of chaos, a peculiar structure stands quietly amidst the abandoned town. By the lifeless sea, crystal's shine dimly in the sand. There is no sign of life in this city shrouded by a desolate sky.

Sunleth Waterscape

Once a lush green nature reserve in Final Fantasy XIII, the area has become autumn-like in appearance as a result of the death of Cocoon's fal'Cie. As a result the fauna has changed such that giant creatures have moved into the area. These creatures in some cases, can be ridden to traverse the area.


A futuristic metropolis and Cocoon's new capital. Following the events of Final Fantasy XIII, it is admirable that such a city exists in ten short years.


Serendipity (Xanadu in Japan) is a theme-park like floating city home to slot machines and Chocobo races. The city uses its own currency in the form of "Casino Coins", which can be trade for a variety of prizes.

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