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Final Fantasy XIII-2 Characters


Serah Farron (セラ・ファロン Sera Faron)

Lightning's younger sister returns as the lead character in Final Fantasy XIII-2 having escaped her fate as a L'cie. Her story starts with her having dreams of events to come. One of these dreams being the appearance of the new character Noel. She wishes to find her lost sister, who is presumed to be dead, and sets out with Noel who insists they would be able to locate Lightning. Serah's weapon is a transformed moogle, which takes the form of either a bow or a sword.

Lightning Farron (ライトニング Raitoningu Faron)

Lightning Final Fantasy XIII's lead character returns as a key element in Final Fantasy XIII-2. Following the events of the first game, Lightning departs on her own quest believe the other members to be at peace while she is not. Presumed dead by most, Serah believes otherwise and hopes to find her sister. Lightning has become a servant of the goddess Etro and in so doing became an existence close to that of a deity and in her duty is confronted by a mysterious purple-haired man along the way. She wields a new gunblade and wears Valkyrie looking armor. She will also serve as the narrator of Final Fantasy XIII-2

Noel Kreiss (ノエル・クライス Noeru Kuraisu)

Noel Kreiss is a new character in Final Fantasy XIII-2 and serves as the male main protagonist. He is a mysterious man who saves Serah from monsters and accompanies her on her quest to find her sister Lightning. Noel is revealed as being the last remaining human of his time period and as such has returned to the past to alter his era's fate. He's a beast tamer and can command monsters he defeats and turn them into crystals. This allows him to gain access to new monster skills by calling them into battle through the Feral Link battle mechanism. In battle he uses two swords that can combine together to form a lance.

Mog (モーグMog)

Mog introduces moogles into the Final Fantasy XIII universe with style! Sporting a new crystal pom-pom, he aids Noel and Serah with his numerous moogle magic abilities. In battle Mog is able to transform into either a bow or sword arming Serah against her foes. Moogle employs his magic producing the new Mog Clock pre-battle system. Additionally he can also detect hidden treasure chests on the field, and via "Moogle Throw" he can be hurled towards treasure in out-of-reach areas. With Mog's impressive abilities its now wonder it is said to "Never judge a moogle by the fluffiness of its pom-pom-Kupo!"

Supporting Characters

Hope Estheim(ホープ・エストハイム Hōpu Esutohaimu)

Hope returns in Final Fantasy XIII-2 wielding his familiar boomerang in combat. Hope intervenes while Noel and Serah are being attacked by a monster however it is currently unknown if he will be playable in any form. Here, Serah and Noel will see Hope's 24 year old self who is now a researcher at the science division that is currently researching for alternative sources to support the citizens after the fall of the Fal' cies. It is also due to this research that he is aware of Serah and Noel's time travels

Snow Villiers (スノウ・ヴィリアース Sunou Viriāsu)

Snow Viliers who presumably disappeared after promising Serah that he will help her search for Lightning appears and protects Noel and Serah from a Flan assault. He now sports a new look without his trademark bandanna on his head and his hair significantly longer.

Alyssa (アリッサ)

Alyssa is a newcomer to Final Fantasy XIII-2 with short blond hair and blue eyes. She is a member of the scientific group called Academy, and acts as an assistant to its leader, Hope Estheim. She is seen in early footage mourning a friend who died in the purge. In the E3 2011 demo she helps Noel and Serah find Atlas' weakness in the Bresha Ruins.

Sazh Katzroy (サッズ・カッツロイ Sazzu Kattsuroi)

Sazh Katzroy of "chocofro" fame returns in Final Fantasy XIII-2. Little is known of his role in the game however he is seen flying an airship alongside his son Dajh in the "New Adventures" trailer. Sazh he is said to be working to better Gran Pulse in his own way, not surprising considering amiable relationship with Vanille.



The main antagonist to Final Fantasy XIII-2, he is Lightning's main enemy and rival to the story. He is pursing Serah and Noel, claiming that they will ' pay for their crimes in blood'. In addition to being a powerful warrior being able to wield his huge sword one handed, he is also immortal and could not be killed.


Caius's partner who travels with him while pursing Serah and Noel. Little is known about her background at this stage though there are hints that she shares a connection with the two of them.
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