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Final Fantasy XIII-2 Battle System

Paradigm Shift

Final Fantasy XIII-2 holds true to its predecessor, using the same Command Synergy Battle and Paradigm Shift battle system. This results in dynamic action sequences reminiscent of battles seen in Final Fantasy 7: Advent Children.

The system is a command based menu used to control the actions of characters. After initiating battle the Active Time Battle (ATB) gauge fills allowing the player to input a set out commands based on the number of slots available. For example, individual commands such as Attack, Fire, Blizzaga, etc can be assigned to slots, either while the gauge is filling or beforehand. Weaker attacks such as attack and fire, will only take up a single ATB slot, however more powerful magic attacks and abilities will take up more than one, but will often do more damage or attack multiple enemies.

New to Final Fantasy XIII-2 in the place of a third party member the player uses a captured monster. After defeating enemies in battle, the monsters may become a crystal and thus a part of your party. Said monster is then used to customization the paradigm deck producing paradigms akin to FFXIII. Each monster has a specific role e.g. a chocobo or behemoth acts as a commander, a caith sith acts as a medic, a flan acts as a ravager. By grouping monsters together in different ways, players can create a more personalized experience.

Players will be able to customize their monsters stats through leveling up. Additionally players will be able to equip accessories further augmenting their abilities. The captured monsters also have a "Feral Link" ability. As the player attacks an enemy with a captured monster in their party, the Feral Link bar fills up. When said bar is filled the player can make the current captured monster do a special attack on the enemy using a quick time event.

Paradigm Shft

Each party member is assigned an offensive, defensive or healing role. Executing a Paradigm Shift will allow the player to change each characters role. Using different paradigm for different situations is key to winning those real time battles.

Quick thinking and smart tactics keep the battles intense and enjoyable. A selected paradigm will be put into action immediately.

Slash and Burn is a tactic where Commando's keep the chain gauge up and Ravagers increase chain bonuses, both driving the enemy to it's stagger point. The higher the chain bonus, the greater the damage the foe will receive.

An enemy takes more damage when staggered than when it's in it's normal state. This state also unlocks the commando's launch ability, which paralyzes the enemy, creating an opportune time for an offensive blitz.


With this offensive paradigm, Saboteurs weaken the enemy while Ravagers attack the foe until it reaches it's stagger point. The Saboteur's attribute-lowering spells help to stabilize the chain gauge.

Twin Shields:

Execute this defensive paradigm moments before the enemy is about to attack to greatly reduce damage.

Cinematic Action

Final Fantasy XIII-2 also takes advantage of "Cinematic Action Sequences" during battle. These quick time events occur during battle providing addition cinematic flair to the battles. Successfully completely these sequences results in various stat bonuses in battle. Likewise failing said sequences results in the reverse.
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