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Final Fantasy XIII Development and Demo

January 22, 2008

Chas has translated some text from Famitsu and Dengeki Magazines.
FF13: An excerpt from an article in this week's magazine: 'Thoughts determined, times have matured."

- Nomura: "2008 will be the year. There will be tons of news bits, info on characters and summons, and an unexpected connection between the keywords Cocoon and Farushi.
- We're aiming for a demo to give players a hands on on the battle system.
- FF13's theme: determination.
- Farushi: Their existence surpasses humans.
- Rushi: Those chosen by Farushi to carry out a mission. The pigtail girl is a Rushi. Farushi is not the Crystal.
- Mr. 33cm is also a Rushi.
- This time summons are in digital form.
- A new monster that looks like a cross between a turtle and elephant.
- The red thing on Carbuncle's head is a ruby.
- Hint on release date: "I wonder when we'll be able to sleep..."

UPDATE: All the famitsu scans have been uploaded
Famitsu Cover
UPDATE2: IGN has their own summary of the Famitsu scans, PS3.IGN.com

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Posted By: Christobel Hunta

Hey, don't ya think, that the Old Man on last scan for Versus looks some like Alan Rickman in first Die Hard?))
Posted By: mercy0001

when does degenki magazine coming out?? is it the 25th
Posted By: Jilkon

I just have a few things to add about the translated stuff.

- FF13's theme: determination. - I assume this is from the Nomura interview that wasn't posted, the Famitsu scans say something entirely different.

- Farushi: Their existence surpasses humans. - It only says the Farushi are more intelligent beings.

- Rushi: Those chosen by Farushi to carry out a mission. The pigtail girl is a Rushi. Farushi is not the Crystal. - It says nothing about a mission, only that they are chosen. The crystal either grants fate or stigma. Lightning (possible Rushi) is chosen as the destroyer of the world.

- A new monster that looks like a cross between a turtle and elephant. - Seems like random wildlife on Pulse which doesn't really matter.
- The red thing on Carbuncle's head is a ruby. - Carbuncle has always had a ruby in his forehead and has always used the skill "Ruby Light".
Posted By: Darkace

OMG!!! I think the release date hint is referring to nomura's other game hes comin out with: Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep....I think they might have a simultaneous release!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Posted By: evll33t2

thanks GODS
Posted By: Is it just me or

Do I see Vaan and Balthier in the last pic? rofl
Posted By: NWA_31

YES ! New info ftw !
Posted By: chobits

looking foward to ff13 demo,cant wait to play it over and over hehe=:0)
Posted By: lightning-underclasshero

The images are just beauiful and the girl with the pigtails is so cute ,but not cuter then lightning.
Posted By: Christobel Hunta

I meant "ff-xiii.NET? of course - i just gone a little crazy in the moment i've seen new scans - sorry)
Posted By: mercy0001

this is so cool. i think the production of FFXIII is going good now. but the magazine should be out on the 25 th.
from what magazine are these scans?
Posted By: Cristobel Hunta

Guys (and girls:)! Do ya knoe, how i LOVE YOU??? If there is site, i can tell - this is the BEST ONE in whole Internet - it's about www.ff-xiii.ru)))
Posted By: RoxasXIII

finally ! ;D
Im very very excited
omg !

lets hope we dont have to wait the
next "CLOUD" to see other trailer T_T
Posted By: Blitz Ace X

i wonder wat the blue and yellow magical symbols are that are behind the prince and the unknown girl are,
excellent additional pictures tho. and hats off to Chas 4 the translation of some of the text.
Posted By: cloudstrife1227

looking forward to the new trailer...
Posted By: FNCevencer

Yes! I am very excited and happy they are beginning to hype the FNC games (w/ the exception of agito which idc much about anyway lol)!!!!!!!
Posted By: FNCevencer

Yes! I am very excited and happy they are beginning to hype the FNC games (w/ the exception of agito which idc much about anyway lol)!!!!!!!
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