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Playable Demo not until 2008

July 18, 2007

If you were hoping for a TGS 2007 playable demo, then unfortunately you will be dissapointed since Shinji Hashimoto has said to Famitsu that there will be no Final Fantasy XIII and Final Fantasy Versus XIII playable demos for 2007. Sometime in 2008 there will be playable demos for both games.

Also some new trailers for the games will be at TGS this year, hopefully that means a PUBLIC trailer this time around...

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Posted By: Tetsuya Nomura

I just wanted to say I'm making Kingdom hearts III a MMORPG, I scraped the current FF versus XIII and remake as a MMORPG. All games from now on I create are MMORPGs!

If you can't afford it too bad get use to it.
Posted By: Yoichi Wada

currently FF XIII is gonna be remade as a MMORPG, so its not gonna come out till 2009 for Japan.

All of SE's game are gonna be MMORPGS from now on.

Posted By: Zagen30

To Strawberry Milk:

XIII wasn't coming until Q2 2008 anyway, as Wada had said that it wasn't in the plans for this fiscal year, which ends March 31.
Posted By: Aeroblade22

New trailers are allways nice but i cant say that im not at least a little disapointed that there is a game demo... but a longer whait also means hopefully an even better game

Posted By: Strawberry Milk

Aw... That means no FFXIII 'til Q2 '08 +.
Posted By: BeefJerky

It'd be better to have an interactive demo rather than an interactive video anyway so giving them more time to complete a demo would be better. We're going to get one eventually so we might as well just wait and not see anyone complain about it. We will have it eventually and this just shows that there is a large amount of effort going into FNC and that they are trying to get everything done properly rather than half-assed.
Posted By: SUMKHW

new trailers .....hmmmm that what I've been waiting for .....I know from the first place that is no demos in this year 2007 unless SE bring up more than 2 trailers in both games for the next year.
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