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FFXIII-2 Valfodr and Snow Confirmed as DLC

April 17, 2012
Squirrel Emperor

FFXIII-2 Valfodr and Snow has been confirmed as DLC! The content will be available on May 15th, pricing has yet to be announced and will be Snow's episode.

The idea behind the episode came from the game's female staffers.The episode's theme is "Don't fight for me," and will show the feelings Snow and Serah have one for one-another.

Director Motomu Toriyama said that the episode will clear up some mysteries behind the coliseum itself. And details about Snow's mission as a L'Cie will be given.

Valfodr appears in the second half of Snow's episode. He appears to be quite the foe, with the ability to use weapons, magic and summons. He will have to defeat him multiple times throughout the episode. Each time, he comes back at higher level and with additional abilities.

To read more about the DLC Update, click 'read more' below.

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Posted By: YoshikatYoko
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I'm hoping this DLC is free of charge. Canon piece to the storyline.
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