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FF Agito XIII Information Revealed

March 02, 2007

Some new information regarding the platform of the cell phone game has shown up. Tetsuya Nomura says that Agito will not be on current generation cell phones, but rather on the next generation of cell phones (4G).

Also unlike Final Fantasy Before Crisis: VII, Agito will be a full fledged game and not have separate 'chapters' put out every so often. The game is a ways off, however the plot apparently is done.

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Posted By: Random Guy

actually the 4G cellphone has a pretty big screen for a cellphone and the graphics can almost compare to a psp
Posted By: CP9

ff on cell phone? who the hell wants to play it on a small screen. they should better make it for the psp.
Posted By: legend

i still dont understand the whole cell exclusive thing, i wonder if it will be popular in the US. And if Agito's story is done, then they must have alot of the main FFXIII story done as well...
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